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What is the PIN Number when I am creating my account?

Answer: This is the PIN assigned to your profile; each user can change the PIN after they have created the account from the Profile page.

How to connect/link to a transaction?

Answer: Once you create an account, you will receive an email with a link; click on the link from the email and it will automatically link you to the transaction. There is a 2nd option to connect to the transaction; type in the Transaction No. and Link No. from the email you receive on the link transaction page in your user profile.

What documents can I view in the view documents tab?

Answer: The Consumer & Real Estate Agent can view all documents. The Lender can only view the documents they upload and the Title can only view the documents they upload.

What are the 9 statuses of the Transaction?

Answer: #1 Inspection Period, #2 Appraisal Ordered, #3 Appraisal Received, #4 In Underwriting, #5 Final Approval, #6 Closing Docs Sent To Title, #7 Documents Signing Scheduled, #8 Documents Signed and #9 Funded/Recorded.

How can I add/link other parties to the transaction?

Answer: Real Estate Agents, Lenders and Title Officers are the only users that have this capability. When looking at your Dashboard, you click on My Transactions and choose the correct transaction. Then click modify, here you can resend an email or change an email of a party of the transaction. You can also follow the link below for a more detailed explanation. How It Works

What happens when I change/update an email on a transaction?

Answer: After changing the email by clicking on modify, a new email invite is sent only to the new email address updated.

What does it mean when it says “Action Required” in my email?

Answer: When you receive an email that says “Action Required” that means you are the responsible party to update the transaction status.

Why can’t I see other parties in the transaction details page?

Answer: In order for other parties to populate into the transaction, they must click on the link sent to them in the invitation email. If they have not, please ask them to click the link in their email to wire themselves in.

How can I resend the link to a party in the transaction?

Answer: By clicking on modify, you can click on the “resend email” button and then enter the email address of the party that already exists in the transaction so they can wire in.

Why can’t I modify the transaction?

Answer: Only the Real Estate Agents, Lender and Title Officers linked to the transaction can modify/create the transaction.

How Much Does The Home Wire Cost?

Answer: It's Absolutely Free!